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If we are going to a new place, we need different tips for trips Hpapartmany. When we want to experience and see something new and beautiful. Thanks to beautiful places and experiences together with our friends and family, we can enjoy the trip much more. When we travel alone, for example, on a business trip – we also want to have a lot of pleasant experiences.

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The internet will help you find a lot of nice places. We also have phone applications that can find the best way for your adventure. Internet in foreign countries can be very expensive, so we recommend using the Wifi connection at the hotel or planning trips before departure. Some people love skiing and some people love relaxation in wellness services. When it comes to skiing, we have many options where this beautiful hobby can be experienced.

In the Czech republic you can choose from these ski destinations:

1. Giant Mountains

2. Jeseníky

3. Beskydy

4. Vysočina

5. Šumava

6.Lusatian mountains

and more…

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In summer we can experience another kind of adventure. In the Czech Republic we have many places where we can look and enjoy the beauty of nature. Thanks to many possibilities, we can find ourselves practically anywhere. For a wonderful culture we can look at the capital city – Prague. There are many monuments and most excursions can be experienced in many languages so there is a high possibility, that you`ll find it even in yours. Prague is full of historical facts, story and places you must see. Apart from Prague, we have the opportunity to other cities, where you will satisfy your desire for history.

Recreation in the form of hiking trails can be found, for example, in Dolní Modrava.

Your adventure will definitely be unique. Come with a smile and we will be happy to provide you with many tips for your trips or recreation. We look forward to.

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